Project Description

Laura Pearse

A self-taught artist, Laura Pearse was born in Rutland 1987 with an inherited love for nature and wildlife.

Growing up with parents who ran an injured Birds of Prey hospital from her garden, Laura’s brothers and herself had a pretty rare and amazing selection of subjects that she was able to sketch every day. This was the beginning of it all, with her eagerness for art continuing throughout her childhood and school, and although she chose to break off and study Marketing at Newcastle University achieving a BHc Honours in 2009, she still worked on a variety of paintings and drawings in her own time.

After Newcastle, her career as an artist slowly began to take off, leading her to become a full time pet portrait and wildlife artist in 2013.  She accepts commissions all year round for both subjects, and for exhibitions and personal collections, her focus is dedicated to drawing endangered animals. After discovering just how many species are currently suffering, Laura realised this would be an appropriate and poignant theme to incorporate into her art and have since been working on numerous collections that aim to capture the soul and splendour of our worlds vanishing wildlife.

Upcoming Exhibitions