Project Description

Kimberley Walker

Kimberley Walker is an entirely self-taught artist who was born in Norfolk and has lived here most of her life.  She has always enjoyed the Norfolk life and living in the countryside, this being inspiration for many of her subjects.  Her appreciation for individual and subtle elements of country life is reflected in her paintings of wildflowers, toadstools, plants and chickens.  Watercolour is her favoured medium which she uses in an experimental way.  Using methods which excite her due to their unpredictable nature, Kimberley never knows how a painting will turn out.  Her style involves a sensitive response to colour which is one of the things she finds fascinating, particularly evident in her wispy chickens and vibrant poppies.


Kimberley’s style has changed considerably over the years.  Originally working in the John Innes Institute, she was influenced by the John Innes Special Collection of old botanical illustrations and began studies of plants and flowers.  Moving to America to work at  the University of Missouri she was then given the opportunity to complete scientific journals developing a detailed, intricate and accurate style.  On moving back to the UK she then gained the job of research co-ordinator at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridgeshire, which allowed her the opportunity to complete some medial illustrations.  Since then her style has evolved to become a freer and more fluid technique which lends itself particularly well to the countryside subjects that she paints today.  Though the influence of botanical illustration still remains, Kimberley now works on a much larger scale, her large vibrant flowers such as poppies, tulips and fuchsias proving popular


Kimberley has been an exhibitor at Picturecraft Gallery for over 10 years, and a year round exhibitor for three years, one highlight being when she sold a painting to ex-prime minister John Major!  She is currently enjoying capturing the funny ways of the cockerels, hens and chicks whose individual characters and unique little personalities have inspired her.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Annual Artist at The Gallery



7″ x 9″


Toadstall Toad


21″ x 11.5″


Life… Still

Oil on Board

8″ x 10″



Oil on Board

12″ x 12″


Thank goodness we didn’t panic!





29″ x 10″


Three Pheasants



Truffles? Where?


Hare and there


14.5″ x 10″


Winter Woolies


24.5″ x 13.5″