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Kieron Williamson

“Kieron Williamson is one of the worlds most sought after artists. With many art experts likening his paintings to that of the great Pablo Picasso, Kieron has taken the art world by storm featuring extensively on television programs, internet websites and in newspapers all over the world. Several UK sell-out exhibitions have been staged to date, with many art lovers traveling from all over the world to view his acclaimed and highly collectable original paintings”.

Kieron Williamson was a typical energetic toddler. He loved playing in the mud, investigating bugs, finding sticks and generally exploring the outdoors. Kieron’s parents, Michelle and Keith, have always been proud of him, as despite being quiet and reserved at school, he was always studious, achieving good grades and great comments in all of his subjects. His love of the outdoors extended to sports and Michelle and Keith were equally proud of him on school sports days.

Kieron first began drawing independently on the Williamson’s first family holiday to Cornwall, England in May 2008. At the age of 5, Kieron had shown little interest in drawing up to that point in his life, but, inspired by the boats in a nearby port, Kieron asked his parents for a sketch pad. The very next day he was drawing pictures of boats and as the holiday progressed he began to add backgrounds, scenery, hills and houses.

As time progressed, so did Kieron’s abilities.

Michelle and Keith are not artistic by their own admission. They do, however, enjoy art and collect works by Norfolk artists. So, when Kieron started to ask for help with putting paintings together, his parents turned to their local galleries and the artists who exhibited there for help. These first signs of an interest in painting were immediately accompanied with an aversion to poster paints.

Michelle says, “From day one, Kieron showed an instinctive ability to mix colour. He loves trying different media, watercolour, acrylics and more recently oils. Kieron has always insisted on good quality adult art materials. He’s never been happy with poster paints!”

Kieron used to spend an hour a week with Carol Pennington at ‘The Last Picture Show in Town’, Holt, during the summer of 2008. Carol’s style is very contemporary and offered an opportunity for Kieron to let go and “loosen up” but, he adamantly kept to his style. “You can’t get Kieron to do anything he doesn’t want to do!”, says Michelle.

As Kieron’s work consistently progressed, Keith and Michelle would regularly take it down to Picturecraft Gallery, Holt to get their opinion. “Praise, support and encouragement is free and we willingly share this with children, whatever they are doing”, stated Adrian Hill, Picturecraft’s Managing Director. As parents, they hinged their hopes on praise and early sort advice. Both parents hoped that one day in the future Kieron might enter the art arena, but they never imagined it would happen at the age of just six.

With kind support from Picturecraft, another local artist, Brian Ryder, agreed for Kieron to attend his evening watercolour course held between January and July 2009. Despite being the only child at the classes, Kieron was well accepted by Brian and charmed the other adults attending.

A huge help in Kieron’s development as an artist has been Tony Garner, who has been great, offering Kieron pastel workshops and one to one tuition in the Gallery.

Not only was Kieron quickly becoming a more competent artist, winning three local competitions for colouring, hat and apron decorating (!!), he also began to recognise that his art could have commercial value. During the early summer of 2009, Kieron advertised in Holt’s local newsletter, The Holt Chronicle, offering Pet Portraits to raise pocket money. The young entrepreneur appreciated that good art materials do not come cheap!

In August 2009, Kieron Williamson’s paintings made their first public appearance and the rest, as they say, is history!

Kieron has become a global phenomenon. His paintings have sold worldwide. His first exhibition sold out in 14 minutes. He has interest from over 35 countries worldwide and has over 1800 followers and this list is still growing!

Kieron divides his time between his art, football and playing his games console, in between going to school and doing all the normal things other boys his age do. His commitment to his art sees him getting up 6am each day before school, spending every available minute with other artists, learning new techniques and skills.

Kieron’s work is already spellbinding, but we are sure there is still more genius to come. Michelle Williamson (c)

Upcoming Exhibitions

Kieron Williamson

5th – 17th July 2019