Project Description

Jillifar Amor

When Jillifar’s husband retired they moved to the village of Dennington in Suffolk, leaving her with the time to pursue her interests in art and textile design.

She explores and experiments with the textile side of distressing and dying silk fabric ready to embellish with embroidery, and also pursues her life-long passion for painting and plein-air sketching.  The Suffolk countryside is a constant inspiration and she tries to capture the scenery and atmosphere working in oils, pastel, and watercolour.  Jillifar particularly admires Harry Becker’s work and she is a member of the IBBAS (Inspired by Becker Art Society).

Her background is in Fashion, studying Embroidery, dress and millinery design at Barrett St Tech College (now The London School Of Fashion).  She was offered a job with Worth but decided that working in a dingy basement was not for her so she began a career in Merchandising and Display for a number of clients in London.  She later opened her own boutique in Surrey and ran this enterprise for nearly three decades

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