Project Description

Graham Lamb

Graham Lamb was born in Essex in 1959. He was raised in Redditch where he attended the local primary and secondary school excelling in English, sport and in particular, art. At college Graham perused his love for of art, gaining and A-level qualification whilst continuing to prove himself a valuable asset to his county representing Essex in cross country running.


From a very young age, Graham had aspired to become a sign writer and fulfilled his ambition when he started an apprenticeship in Stratford with a local sign writing firm. He became an integral member of the team and further developed his artistic skills within the studio, working there until it closed in the late 1970’s.


Moving to Norfolk in 1979 and as a result of his working environment and his love for art during school, Graham began experimenting with many different techniques and a variety of different mediums until he discovered Indian inks which he uses almost exclusively today. Graham has had much success with pointillism, capturing a variety of different subjects, which is a painstaking process of building an image from literally thousands of tiny dots of ink and leaves you with only the smallest margin of error.


Graham is a regular exhibitor at the Picturecraft gallery and is also a full member of the Norwich Art Circle

Upcoming Exhibitions



Albatross, Wells


Cromer Pier


Felbrigg Hall


Cley High Street