Project Description

Chris Orgill

Living and working in Norfolk, Chris Orgill is a painter inspired by wildlife and landscape.

He has provided illustrations for numerous books and painted bird identification plates for ‘Birds of the Atlantic Islands’ published by A&C Black.  He won an award in the British Birds magazines national competition ‘Bird Illustrator of the Year’.

Paintings are the result of observations and sketches made in the field.  These first-hand encounters are a vital and enjoyable part of the creative process.  Sketches can take the form of detailed field paintings, simple scribbles or even written notes, any information that can be gathered to provide reference for larger studio paintings.

As the number of full notebooks grow, only a few sketches actually become larger more resolved paintings.  The medium used in the paintings is usually determined by the subject matter, if quick drying glazes are needed then acrylic may be used, oil is chosen if a brighter, blended effect is needed. When working outdoors a small shoulder bag containing watercolour box, brushes, pencils and sketchpads are used.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Fledging Barn Owl


Common Seals at Brancaster


Sunshine and mist


Castle Acre Swifts


Through the trees