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Andrew Dibben

Andrew Dibben

Andrew studied at Bournemouth College of Art and Norwich School of Art. He finished his studies in 1972, and became a full-time professional artist in 1989. Since then he has specialised in landscape and marine subjects in diverse styles. A large number of prints have been produced from his paintings, which have sold in some 30 different countries worldwide.

In early 2008, Andrew was a Finalist in a competition run by the prestigious magazine International Artist. His work has featured in two books published by them, and the magazine ran an eight-page feature on Andrew in its December/January 2009 issue.

A very successful exhibition was held at the Picturecraft Gallery, in Holt, North Norfolk, at the end of October 2009 and in August 2014. Andrew continues to show some of his work at Picturecraft at points throughout the year.

He is a founder member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists.

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘North by East’

1st – 5th June 2019

Cromer Beach at Dusk


Hut no.11, Aldeburgh