A small and selected portfolio of retrospective works will be on display during Kieron’s new exhibition ‘My Chosen Path’. The paintings include early works painted when he was just seven years old, in addition to showcasing his early love for all three mediums; Oil, pastel and Watercolour.

Please find the full retrospective collection below.

All enquiries to or call 01263 711040.

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘My Chosen Path’

The exhibition Opens 9am on Friday 6th July and continues daily until Wednesday 18th July
(Sundays 11am – 4pm)

‘Cornish Beach and Fishermen’

Age 7

10″ x 12″



‘Sunrise by The Mill’

Age 7

12″ x 9″



‘Windsor Castle’

Age 7

10″ x 14″



‘Polperro Harbour’

Age 9

28″ x 40″

Oil on canvas


‘Cattle in The Mist’

Age 13

13.5″ x 9.25

Oil on board


‘Shadow Retreat’

Age 14

13.5″ x 9.25

Oil on board


‘Towards The Platt, Port Isaac’

Age 14

7″ x 10″

Oil on board


‘As Sunrise Approaches’

Age 15

6″ x 8″

Oil on board