A major Exhibition by Ian McManus IEA, held on the 4th – 9th May 2018.

Ian McManus was born in a small village on the outskirts of Cambridge. Throughout his educational years he was to find himself inspired by sculpture and painting, incredibly motivated from one art class to the next.

On leaving school Ian undertook a number of different roles in varying workplaces and after a period of 25 years, he made the decision to start painting. Commencing with acrylic paints, and then progressing to oils, Ian was never particularly happy with his efforts. Recognising that he needed to learn the, “art of painting”, he enrolled in an art course at a local college. A twist of fate introduced him to watercolour painting, for it was the only course available at that time.

Ian discovered the challenges of watercolour to be inspirational and now paints exclusively in this medium. An immediacy of style developed through applying paint directly to the paper with no overlays of washes normally associated with watercolour painting. Ian believes this gives the finished painting a transparency and freedom of expression and is confident that anyone who is passionate enough about painting can learn to paint, “It’s a continual learning experience, but is incredibly rewarding when it all comes together and you finish with a painting you are happy with.”


Please enjoy some photographs from the exhibition.

For enquiries about the exhibiton or individual paintings, please email info@picturecraftgallery.com or call on 01263 711040